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Title 24 Report 

ProMech Engineering Inc. provides our customers with accurate, and precise Title 24 energy analysis compliance reports and calculation, with informative consultation, exceptional customer service and our high level of dedication to assist you through your project until you are approved and pass final inspection.

With our experience and knowledgeable understanding of California’s strict compliance codes, changes in building regulations, county climate zones, building materials, products and equipment specifications, we can thoroughly and accurately perform the best cost-effective solutions in design and energy performance to your existing or new residential or commercial building.

Utilizing powerful state-of-the-art certified energy modeling software, EnergyPro, we have the ability to generate a precise and detailed Title 24 compliance report and calculation analysis on your residential or commercial project, with the minimum required efficiency for compliance and structural building costs, with an overall savings for you, our client.

We use Prescriptive or Performance Title 24 compliance methods for both Residential and Non-Residential projects.

California Energy Commission

With either the prescriptive or performance compliance paths, there are mandatory measures that must always be installed.

2016 Low Rise Residential Mandatory Measures Summary 

Residential Title 24

We perform Title 24 energy analysis and calculations for new homes, additions, apartments and multi-family residences. We use state-of-the-art energy compliance software, EnergyPro for all our Title 24 calculations.

We can help you achieve the best overall cost-effective solutions for your project’s design and energy efficiency.

  • Custom Homes

  • Tract Housing

  • Multi-Family Housing

  • Additions – Remodels – Alterations

  • Garage Conversion

Commercial Title 24

We are here to assist you with your commercial nonresidential Title 24 code analysis in Envelope and Mechanical calculation. Our knowledge and experience in California energy codes, climate changes, materials and products rated for energy efficiency and the expertise on how to effectively model your project with the minimum requirement for state compliance, allowing us to model your project accurately and precisely, with unparalleled service.

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Buildings

  • Industrial Building

  • Kitchen & Dining Facilities

  • Tenant Improvements

Approved Computer Programs

The California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) has approved the following energy analysis computer programs that includes all Alternative Calculation Methods approved for the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (2016 Energy Standards) in accordance with the California Code of Regulations: Title 24, Part 1, Article 1, Section 10-109.


The individual programs are listed below under specific categories. These are the only programs authorized to be used under the performance approach (energy budget) method of compliance for the 2016 Energy Standards.

Please click to the following link to learn more:

Authorized programs to be used under the performance approach 

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