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1. Email your drawings to OrderTitle24@gmail.comPlease attach drawings to your e-mail. Preferred drawings formats are DWG/DXF (AutoCad) or PDF.

2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within minutes, and we will contact you after reviewing your submitted plans.


What do we need to see on your submitted drawings for energy calculations?

• Floor plan(s) – Existing and Proposed, with all existing, altered, and new Exterior Wall
• Windows/Doors type and sizes (schedule)
• Scope of work: New Construction/Remodel/Addition, New Windows/Floor/Roof, etc.
• Elevation Views (optional)
• Orientation of Building (North Arrow)
• Average ceiling height
• Floor: Raised with Crawlspace or Raised without Crawlspace (<18” above grade) or Slab-on-grade
• Roof: Attic or Cathedral
• Heating and Cooling Equipment details (optional if existing)
• Hot Water System details (optional if existing)
• Project name and address
• Project designer name, address, phone (can be the owner)

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